Nothing is as practical as good theory/ Lewin

Calculated growth

Nothing is as practical as a good theory

Successful innovation

Grow your business using successful innovation

LIEA (Latvia Innovation and Export Agency) is an innovation agency that enables ambitious companies in the highly crowded and competitive industries and markets to grow your business through innovation in local and export markets.

What do we consider innovation?

At LIEA, we help you define a most optimal new way to reach your target through innovation - new process, new product, new business model, or other upon your growth ambitions. 

Why we’re the best at growing your business through innovation

We daily analyse business, innovations and economics eco-systems, we use already approved business instruments and technics to identify new market and consumer opportunities. Markets in deep analyses- that is our passion. We are working on new tools to achieve higher efficacy.

How we collaborate?

We will work together with you to identify consumer and market opportunities, to define your innovation growth opportunity field. We will provide you with various growth scenarios and develop the action plan.

Let us help you:

  • Understand– what is going on around your company and where most perspective opportunities are hidden 
  • Grow – calculated and revised opportunities 
  • Win– by shaping a future through new categories, products and services

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understand where most perspective opportunities are hidden

starting from deep in industry analyses till consumer behaviour quantitative and qualitative insights

calculated and revised opportunities

development of various growth scenarios through  innovations

development of innovation

starting from concept revise till full project management 


of influencing groups, starting from staff till Z-generation students

attraction of funding

public funds, crowdfunding, private investors, and others

marketing communication development

starting from PR releases till handshake of new client